Air compressors, air filters and air dryers comprise of parts that are wearable (wear and tear) and have limited life span. Thus, it is important to have the necessary parts on standby to reduce your air compressors downtime. Do discuss with us on your parts replacement planning.

We offer wide range of brands of air compressors parts to support your operations.

Air compressor air filters and separators

Air Filters and separators will keep away dust and dirt contamination with air compressor filters and separators. This will minimise the damage and performance loss in your air compressors

Air compressor oil, lubricants and fluids

Every air compressor needs a specific oil to operate, reduce downtime, and maintain performance.Quality air compressor oils and fluids can help to lubricate important parts, transfer heat our and reduce damage to your rotors to the minimum.

Air compressor line filters (Pre filter and After filter)

The importance defence to your production equipment. Regular changing of line filters elements will protect your equipment as it will keep your compressed air line clean and free of dirt.