The LB is the ideal booster for PET bottling and nitrogen applications in power plants or laser cutting. Its piston technology offers industry leading efficiency with remarkably low noise levels. The Elektronikon® Mk5 user interface ensures ease of use.

QuietSilent from the core: optimal balancing and useof special vibration dampers.
Available with silencing canopy for additionalnoise attenuation.

Optimal performanceInnovative oil lubrication system withoil ring and crankshaft channels ensures
better lubrication.No oil carryover with oil breathingsystem.

Supreme reliabilityBased on proven, reliable LT pistoncompressor design.Inlet and outlet safety valve protection.Steel valve plates with innovative zincbasedmicrosphate coating for additionalprotection.

LB technical specifications

Capacity FAD l/s 2 l/s – 40 l/s
Working pressure 40 bar(e) – 300 bar(e)
Installed motor power 5.5 kW – 18 kW
Capacity FAD 8.4 m³/h – 144 m³/h


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