Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor

SF and SF+ oil-free scroll compressors deliver absolutely pure oil-free air with supreme energy efficiency. SF+ for advanced control

Extremely quiet operationWith sound levels as low as 53 dB(A), the SF and SF+ are the ideal choice for noise-sensitive working environments

Certified 100% oil-free air100% clean air , ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010). CLASS 0 means zero risk of contamination; zero risk of damaged or unsafe products; zero risk of losses from operational downtime; and zero risk of damaging your company’s reputation

Low maintenanceMoving parts have been reduced for a long operating life with minimal service interventions

Energy efficiencySF scroll compressors are equipped with IE3 premium efficiency motors as standard. Unloaded power consumption is eliminated thanks to the simple start/stop control


SF and SF+ oil-free scroll compressors provide pure, oil-free air for critical applications such as:
• R&D laboratories
• hospitals
• universities
• dentist offices
• food & beverage production environments

SF and SF+ technical specifications

Capacity FAD l/s 1.9 l/s – 40.8 l/s
Working pressure 8 bar(e) – 10 bar(e)
Installed motor power 1.5 kW – 22 kW
Capacity FAD m³/min 0.11 m³/min – 2.45 m³/min

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