LS & LP cast iron piston air compressors

Durable two-stage cast iron piston compressors. Combine reliability and maximum productivity for demanding industrial, automotive and commercial applications. Easy to maintain, flexible, energy-efficient

Highly reliableA one-piece aluminum head optimizes strength and dissipates heat. Innovative valve design provides outstanding volumetric efficiency

Flexible installationDesigned with dual compressor heads to have lead-lag control in times of high demand as well as spread workload across two compressors

Energy-efficient performanceDual compressor heads enable lead-lag control for high demand and spread the workload across two compressors. Highly energy-efficient

Technical Specifications

Capacity FAD l/s 0 l/s – 0 l/s
Working pressure 6.89 bar(e) – 12.07 bar(e)
Installed motor power 3.73 kW – 11.19 kW
Capacity FAD 29.2 m³/h – 185.06 m³/h

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