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At Asia Pacific Centric, we are a team of passionate and experienced professionals that is able to support all your compressed air system needs. Our appointment as authorized distributor for Atlas Copco reflects our team experienced and track records.


We have a team of experienced and well-trained service personnel that can service, troubleshoot, repair and overhaul your air compressors, air dryers, and other ancillaries for any leading brands.


We provide expertise to optimize your overall compressed air system. We don’t just service your air compressor, we can help you to reduce energy, thus lower your total cost of ownership

Our Products
and Services

Air Compressors

Wide range of air compressors from piston, rotary screw, oil free and centrifugal, to reduce your energy cost

Air Dryers & Air Filters

Refrigerated, desiccant, zero purge to remove the water content

Compressed Air Accessories

Sequential control, air receivers, condensate drain, oil/water separator, to lower your energy cost

Nitrogen & Oxygen Generators

PSA type, Membrane type that can reduce your operating cost and time


Preventive Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Overhaul, ad-hoc repair, to assist and support your operations


Spare parts, critical parts, consumable parts to reduce your unexpected downtime

News Articles

Preventive Maintenance of Air Compresssor

To minimize your air compressor down time, improve the air compressor reliability, you will need to provide your air compressor with regular maintenance. Air compressors require regular service and care
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What is Piston Air Compressors?

Piston or reciprocating (oil lubricated) air compressors are single-acting, air-cooled air compressors. These piston air compressors are furnished as compact, self-contained, air receiver tank mounted units that are automatically regulated
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